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16U Slant Rack Case 12U Vertical Rack With Side Table

Started by on Apr 17 2017 – Last touched: Apr 17 2017

Apr 17 2017 02:46 am    

RK's rack case with side stand table is now more compact! All lids are stronger and lightweight than the standard bulky lids that normally come with rack cases today. These Heavy Duty 9mm Plywood ATA Rack flight Cases are perfect for protecting your equipment from potential harm. Now is your chance to get all the rack cases you need at an affordable price! This particular rack case has recessed catches and front handle for convenient carrying.

If you require a slant rack case with side table similar but to hold different space amplifier, please contact our sales department and we can provide you with an updated price. This custom built rack case with table stand is built to order therefore will fit your rack Amplifier perfectly, we design each one around the make and model of your amplifier giving you a guaranteed fit and maximum protection.

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