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2018 new pipe and drape promotion

Started by on Feb 02 2018 – Last touched: Feb 02 2018

Feb 02 2018 09:12 am    

February 2018 RK releases new pipe and drape promotion. 40% OFF - During the new year promotion. These professional pipe and drape systems at wholesale prices, order today for trade shows.

1, Trade Show Booths - Single Booth- A ( Complete Booth) at $193.67, now promotion price is $99
2, Trade Show Booths - Single Booth - B (Front Side) at $79.11, Promotion price is $40.9
3, Trade Show Booths - Single Booth - C (Side Face) at $46.38, Promotion price is $23.90


Affordable pipe and drape booths for sale. This Sales Promotion end by 31th,Mar.2018. Any requirements, welcome to contact our RK sales team! May the universe bless you in surprising and joyful ways.

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