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2018 RK Portable Stage On Sale

Started by on Jan 31 2018 – Last touched: Jan 31 2018

Jan 31 2018 09:42 am    

China New Year is coming, RK releases portable stage sales promotion, the price list:

1,) 1×1m Stage panel is USD52/piece
2,) 0.4m height riser USD28/piece
3.) 0.6cm height riser USD30/piece
4,) 4m×4m(16sqm)----USD1280/Set
5,) 5m×5m(25sqm)----USD2000/Set
6,) 6m×6m(36sqm)----USD2880/Set
7,) 10m×10m(100sqm)---USD8000/Set


If looking for professional portable stage manufacturers, I strongly recommend RK as your primary partner. As all our portable stages have tested by Technischer Überwachungs Verein (TUV), you have guarantee on our stage quality and service.

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