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advantages and disadvantages: pipe and drape booth

Started by on Jan 15 2018 – Last touched: Jan 15 2018

Jan 15 2018 09:34 am    

Now the back to back booth design is more popular, why? My answer below, I list the advantages and disadvantages of these pipe and drape booth products .

1, Single Booth - A single booth is also usually called island booth, this is because there is no connecting booth around. Each booth can be designed at different sizes according to user’s actual needs.
2, Single Row in-line Booth - The single row booth design is ideal solutions for layout. The whole solution can be easily finished just by connecting parts onto the single booth.
3, Back to back double Row booth - The back to back double row booth solution is more popular, money and time-saving. Every two booth share the same back wall and the neighboring booth share the same uprights and side wall. They can be easily connected and combined.


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