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drawer flight case for your chioce

Started by on Dec 14 2017 – Last touched: Dec 14 2017

Dec 14 2017 07:57 am    

RK several kinds of drawer flight case for your chioce

All RK flight case can be custom,you can customized your special size drawers.Just tell us your idea and we build them for you with the lowest cost.All those made in our own factory .RK flight case manufacturer aready have 16 years experience in this industry.

main product incluce: flight case ,mobile stage,pipe and drape,dance floor,stage truss system,etc.


8 Drawers Flight Road Case for Tools Storage--RK8DRAWER60CST durable Aluminium Drawer Case with wheels ATA Tool Drawer Case with Side Desk and 6 Drawers -- 2x2U,2x3U,2x4U RK6D18UTC Combo Drawer Flight Cases with Tables_RKOC12278102AC8 Drawer flight case For Storage-RK8DRAWER58TC 

  8 Drawer flight case For Storage-RK8DRAWER58TC

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