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hard aluminum case is better than soft one for travel

Started by on Sep 29 2017 – Last touched: Sep 29 2017

Sep 29 2017 08:07 am    

How to choose the aluminum case for travel


Every traveler will carry a lot of essential items, so it is very necessary to choose the aluminum cases for travel.


We will give you details on the purchase of aluminum cases, hoping to help consumers in need.

In the case of Aluminum flight cases according to its size and use of different, can be divided into large aluminum cases and small aluminum cases.


Large aluminum cases refers to people out of business, school, travel carried by a variety of air crates, trolley me and so on. People go out often buy this is the aluminum cases.


Large aluminum cases according to its different materials can be divided into two categories of hard and soft cases. Hard aluminum cases, including ABS cases (styrene polymer), PP cases (injection) and double-sided aluminum cases; soft cases is generally referred to as fight case with foam (high-density foam).


Therefore, people outsiders carry a hard aluminum cases, mainly a variety of air crates, trolley case.

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