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Large Yellow Speaker Case For Luxury MACKIE SRM450 Speaker

Started by on Apr 19 2017 – Last touched: Apr 19 2017

Apr 19 2017 02:56 am    

This Speaker case for MACKIE SRM450 speakers is special for it’s large storage space and yellow color. Two MACKIE SRM450 speakers is perfect for Storing in this case and can be moved or transported conveniently from gig to gig. This speaker flight case has a hinged lid and 4 rugged casters. It is constructed of 3/8" Yellow plywood with black hardware covering, and also, this professional speaker case has a hard shell with internal with internal impact resistant padding to provide the best protection for your investment. 

No matter where you take your speakers, you don’t have to be worried about that your equipment will get damaged in transit or in storage. RK’s Pro Audio case is designed on different style in order to fit different models or styles of speakers. You can customize your own cases you like as long as you contact with us.

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