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More than 10pcs custom flight case will get a factory price

Started by on Dec 29 2017 – Last touched: Dec 29 2017

Dec 29 2017 03:31 am    

Custom flight case for your equipment

Starting with new year,there are many party to celebrate New Years Day.
So there are a lot of equipment need to use and move in the party.
Do you worry about your equipment is not convenient to transport, protect or use?
If there is no a flight case suit for your equipment and also not meet your easy to use.
You can choose a flight case manufacturer to custom some.
A custom flight case will give you the best.It can be made full use.
Just like this drawer flight case,generally it would be use to store something but now it can use its lid as a easy table,and when you transport it ,you can lock the lid and give your stuff great protection from slid out and damage.
Do you know how many order can get a factory price from a manufacturer?
I will tell you that usually 10pcs order can get a factory price in RK.
Welcome to our website and contact with us.We the best quality and the service attitude will serve for you.

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