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Multi-function Plywood Case Made in China On Offer

Started by on Jul 12 2017 – Last touched: Jul 12 2017

Jul 12 2017 03:09 am    

This hard plywood flight case is a RK best selling road trunk case, which are design to c carry cables, accessories, or any equipment that would fit , with casters for tours. The dimensions come in 80 cm W x 40cm D x 50cm H. With a divider inside, the case is more practical and flexible to adjust space.

* 9mm plywood
* Quality aluminum details
* Ball conners, latches
* Fully foam lined
* 4 wheels, with two brakes  
Our manufacturing capacity is 5000pcs per month and our professional sales and R&D team are always ready to cooperate with business.
For further information, please feel free to email us or call us !

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