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RK microphone flight case

Started by on Jan 24 2018 – Last touched: Jan 24 2018

Jan 24 2018 09:37 am    

This RK new midium size 24 Microphones flight case is kind of fashion and portable tool case, it has 24 microphones compartments with storage which you can put some accessories.

Sales Point:

1, Waterproof , Shockproof, Dustproof;
2, Tool Packing, carrying tool, case;
3, size: 66.5×39.6×38cm, of course we can also accept other customized size;
4, usage: packaging microphones;
5, good quality & durable with strong flight case accessories or parts;
6, cheaper price.


So wherever you go, you can take it, especially for our friends who works in performance shows such as singers, DJ friends and other occasions. It is really perfect for all.

If you are interested in our this kind of speaker flight case product, please contact customer service for more details such as packaging ways, shipping and other information.

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