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road case as DJ table in bars

Started by on Jan 13 2018 – Last touched: Jan 13 2018

Jan 13 2018 06:03 am    

RK new special road case drawers of Z shape DJ table features on light weight for carrying and easy to assemble and disassemble. When folded and disassembled, it is like a normal flight case with handles and lockable latches. It is convenient and easy for carrying when compared with a large heavy table.

Product Details

Material: Laminated finish fire-proof plywood
Usage: DJ table for Party/Events
Accessories: Handles/latches/corner balls
Dimensions: 63*65*30cm(W*D*H)
Color: Black
Fireproof & water proof: YES
Classify: flight case, custom case, DJ table


The portable flight case is mostly used as DJ table in bars or outdoor parties. There are spare space inside for hosting pipe drape kits and other accessory parts.

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