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special offer pipe and drape

Started by on Jun 13 2018 – Last touched: Jun 13 2018

Jun 13 2018 09:41 am    

Pipe and drape have pipe hard frame and drapes, pipe hard frame including upright, crossbar, base plate. Usually pipe and drape is used more as backdrop, trade show booth, photo booth, wedding backdrop, stage backdrop, wall backdrop, it used more in tent, hotel and so on. Now there is discount 10% for all upright, crossbar and base plate. And there are special offer for 450×450×5mm, Unit Price USD12.9/Piece.

The discount is from 10% to 20%, and there are many very favorable special offers for some detailed items, such as base plate for pipe and drape, some truss pieces. RK the pipe and drape manufacturer releases the big promotion now, following us for the detailed of the promotion for each kind of products.


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