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the stronger type pipe and drape

Started by on Jun 11 2018 – Last touched: Jun 11 2018

Jun 11 2018 09:57 am    

RK sells the stronger type pipe and drape with flight cases packing, the pipe drape kit with some regular sizes can be chosed. Also custom sizes are available according to your requirements. Following is the detailed information of the pipe and drape for your reference:

1, Standard cross bars, standard upright and telescopic Drape supports
2, The size of upright from 3ft to 26ft
3, Drapes available 11~20ft Tall, 8~14ft, 5~8 ft, 3~5ft
4, Weight of bases ranges from 6 to 62 lb according to real needs.

As a pipe and drape manufacturer for more than 17 years, too many distributors and importers choose us to cooperate for events. Because RK pipe and drape on both price and quality, we always meet your requirement all the time.


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