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there are high quality flight cases for par can at wholesale price in ST

started by on Aug 11 2017 – Last touched: Aug 11 2017

Aug 11 2017 07:43 am    

led par can light flight case 

Product:36pcs or 54pcs led par can light case 

1.unrivaled first-rate 

2.manufacturing unit charge 

3.Warmly carrier 

4.quickly transport 

5.real Original gadget Manufacturer 


36pcs or 54pcs led par can light case 


ST-2017 China manufacturer of flight case,rack case,road case    


fabric: 9-15mm Fireproof Plywood 

add-ons: hardware/Aluminum/Foam 

Dimensions: rely on customer 

utilization: Transportation/garage/Audio show/Exhibition 

coloration: Black/Customized 

protecting: Fabricated 

feature: Heavy duty & dual 

fire-evidence & Water-proof:yes 

Heavy obligation:yes 

Classify:avenue Case,Rack Case,TV Case,DJ Case,lighting case,Speaker Case... 

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