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these accessories made your flight case more convenient

started by on Aug 10 2017 – Last touched: Aug 10 2017

Aug 10 2017 08:50 am    

High quality aluminum flight case will use these accessories


That flight case because of its hardness is strong, appropriate compression overall performance, anti-seismic, anticorrosion oxidation, elegant and beautiful appearance, and plenty of different blessings, inside the vast variety of sorts of housing, desired by way of most people of customers.


in addition to high great flight case is product of excessive fine aluminum alloy for the cloth, also need to be prepared with a whole lot of extra rack case accessoriess, the subsequent is generally used to bolster the components:


1, spherical plate reinforcement plate: can make stronger flight case and so on casing load degree, and growth the service lifestyles of the spherical plate and the wheel;

2, l-formed bracket: it is able to reinforce the whole aluminum case and so on field frame firmly;

3, water-resistant rubber gasket: could make flight case body attain better water-resistant impact, for packing and shipping of the flight case and cupboard need to add greater to visit components.

assisting the strengthening of flight case components, of direction, there are many, the above 3 is normally used to bolster components, you can select consistent with the unique use of flight cases for accessories.

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