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to install a full portable stage

Started by on Feb 06 2018 – Last touched: Feb 06 2018

Feb 06 2018 09:48 am    

How to install a full portable stage solution? Today we would like to teach you.

Firstly, the basic knowledge about portable stage, it include stage platform, Stage Accessories (Guardrail/Skirts), you can chose the suitable platform piece, for example 4x8ft, then you total need 9pieces single panels.

Secondly, after choosing the desired height, you just need to use a tool-Allen key to connect every part. All is very simple and cost-effective.

* If 30x24ft, the platform 6x8ft piece is perfect one, 15 pieces is enough.

For more details about stage products, please leave us your massage and contact with us directly. RK is one of the best professional stage manufacturers and export suppliers in China, we will help you.


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