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utility 16U AMP rack with two DJ workstation

Started by on Dec 13 2017 – Last touched: Dec 13 2017

Dec 13 2017 08:32 am    

16U Amplifier rack case with DJ Workstation


RK 16U Amplifier rack case with DJ Workstation are the smart choice when it comes to transporting your equipment. The Cases are engineered to provide maximum cushion protection from shock and vibration , smooth and stable handling, convenient access, and all at an affordable price


-Each flight case is custom made for each display

-Heavy Duty WHEELS for easy of handling

-Heavy-duty, spring-loaded, recessed twist catches

-High-strength, non-separating, stucco finish fiberglass laminate

-Heavy-gauge steel, recessed spring-loaded handles w/ large rubber grips placed for easy handling

-Extra wide, full-length, heavy-duty piano-type hinge is standard issue on ATA Cases.

-Inner & outer wall aluminum angle extrusion provides superior skeletal strength to case framework


If you are interested in our product custom flight case or other performance equipment,please contact customer service.




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